Day: 2 April 2013


Humble Mobile Bundle gets three more games added making it a huge deal

The most recent Humble Bundle is about half way through its sale time and just like when it always hits the mid-way mark for the allotted time each bundle is on sale, a few more games have been added to the list. This brings the total amount of games available for the Humble Bundle to nine in total if you opt into paying more than the average price people are paying at the time of you purchasing your bundle.


The Other Brothers platformer will be making its way to OUYA

The Mario inspired platformer called The Other Brothers has been a game in the works for some time now, being slated for release onto iOS this week while the Android version is supposed to arrive at some point in the near future. While the game is inspired by the plumber brothers of the Nintendo generation the art is vastly different, featuring a more retro pixel art style to it.