Humble Mobile Bundle gets three more games added making it a huge deal

The most recent Humble Bundle is about half way through its sale time and just like when it always hits the mid-way mark for the allotted time each bundle is on sale, a few more games have been added to the list. This brings the total amount of games available for the Humble Bundle to nine in total if you opt into paying more than the average price people are paying at the time of you purchasing your bundle.

The three new games are actually some really great games. If you don’t have a copy of these already then these three additional games just made this bundle, which happens to be the first official mobile centric Humble Bundle, that much more enticing. So what are the three new games? Well here they are:

Funky Smugglers by 11 bit studios

Raiden Legacy by DotEmu

Another World by DotEmu

If you are not familiar with any of these games, just click on their name above to take you to one of our articles about them. We also would like to point out that Raiden Legacy is actually four games in one package. Raiden Legacy contains Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet. So basically even though three games have been added to the Humble Mobile Bundle, in reality you are actually getting six more games, bringing the grand total twelve (Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea, Plants vs Zombies, Bladeslinger, Metal Slug 3 and The Room).

You will also get the soundtracks to any game in the bundle that has one. At the time of writing this the average price for the entire bundle is only $5.51 which is a ridiculous deal for all of these games. There is a little over six days left before the first Humble Mobile Bundle ends.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Bundle

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