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Humble Mobile Bundle gets three more games added making it a huge deal

The most recent Humble Bundle is about half way through its sale time and just like when it always hits the mid-way mark for the allotted time each bundle is on sale, a few more games have been added to the list. This brings the total amount of games available for the Humble Bundle to nine in total if you opt into paying more than the average price people are paying at the time of you purchasing your bundle.


Funky Smugglers from 11 Bit Studos has arrived, offers up free cavity searches

11 Bit Studios are known for their rather popular defense game called Anomaly: Warzone Earth but now they soon be known for cavity searches and other not so nice events as their latest release, Funky Smugglers, has finally arrived onto the Google Play store. We’ve reported on this game coming in the past but we didn’t have a whole lot of information about exactly what this game would entail, but now we know a lot more, possibly a little too much.