Day: April 8, 2013

Hardware News

Sony could be adding native support for Dualshock 3 controllers to their phones

Interesting news coming from Sony today and while it is interesting it also isn’t a huge surprise either as this is kind of how the mobile gaming evolution has been going for the past little while now. It appears that Sony, aside from adding mobile integration with certain features to their upcoming Playstation 4 and some of their games as well, may very well be adding native support for their DualShock 3 controller for their Xperia phones.

Game News

[Updated] Craneballs Studios’ sequel Overkill 2 makes a brief appearance on Google Play

Back in February of this year we talked about Craneballs Studios upcoming sequel to their ‘kill everything in sight’ FPS game Overkill. While there are goals and achievements to accomplish the game, its real draw was that there was a ridiculous amount of weaponry you could use and the fact there were factions of players, competing for the highest score over other ones.