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Mobage has a multiplayer RTS game heading our way soon called Apoc Wars

Mobage has an interesting looking multiplayer cross-platform RTS game on the way to Android and iOS called Apoc Wars. This particular game has a post-apocalyptic style theme to it which sort of mimics the Boarderlands type of theme to it. Visually, however, this game has a more cel-shaded look to it.

Apoc Wars plays out a lot like most RTS games do, having players begin building up their city along with their troops base. Of course in order to do this you will also need to gather resources and eventually begin researching better technology so you have better troops and weaponry. Interestingly enough there is also loot you can equip your character with for extra stat boosts as well as the standard RTS style of gameplay.

There isn’t a ton of information just yet regarding things like troop types or how many people can play in a single game against other people, but we do have a trailer that do show us some of the gameplay as well as plenty of screenshots in the gallery below. When Apoc Wars does launch, it will be a free-to-play title and since it will be on the Mobage social gaming platform, there will be optional in-game purchases available as well.

If you’re interested in getting in on this game on Day 1, you can pre-register on the game’s micro-site and for doing so you’ll receive a free in-game item called the Rip and Gut Chainsaw when the game launches.

Official Website: Apoc Wars


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