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[Update] Tin Man Games to release Forest of Doom next week

One of the original Fighting Fantasy adventure books is making its way to Android from Tin Man Games. Forest of Doom was one of the original ten books in the Fighting Fantasy series and became a lot of people’s favorite one in the series. Now it is coming as an interactive RPG book next week to Android.

Update May 30th, 2013 7;00am PST: Forest of Doom is now available on Google Play. Thanks to everyone for the heads up!

Why not this week? Well aside from the fact that it was always slated for release next week, apparently Tin Man Games has found a rather interesting bug that they needed to fix in this version of Forest of Doom. Apparently, for whatever reason, a bug was found where the words “Hi Justin” would appear on page 24. The bug, which we are now dubbing the “Justin Incident” has been fixed but it was a weird bug to have.

For those of you not familiar with these types of games, these are interactive RPGs in the form of a book, or in this case a digital book, where you are presented with choices and depending on your choice you will flip to the corresponding page and either celebrate your wise choice or suffer the consequences. Tin Man Games’ versions of these books come with 3D dice rolling, interactive character stat sheets, inventory space and more making them a lot more interactive than the originals.

Forest of Doom is slated for release onto both Android and iOS next week. When it arrives, we will be sure to update everyone.

Developer Website: Tin Man Games

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