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Vector Unit shows off the Hydro Jets in Riptide GP 2. Offers up a chance to win prizes too.

Vector Unit’s upcoming sequel to their awesome water racing game Riptide GP will be making its way to our devices soon when the game finally gets officially released. We’ve covered some early details, screenshots and video of Riptide GP 2 already, even being played on an Nvidia Shield. Well now the folks over at Vector Unit want to show off all the new Hydro Jets you will soon be able to use while racing on water.

Riptide GP 2 will arrive with a ton of new content and not only in the form of a whole new selection of Hydro Jets to use but also with new courses, controller support right away, even more eye candy than the original title, and lastly the game will feature true multiplayer. The inclusion of multiplayer alone will make Riptide GP 2 twice as good as the original and the original game was pretty damn awesome.

In the video above, Vector Unit just wants to show off some of the new Hydro Jets that you will be able to use. This also gives us a glimpse at some of the courses that will be in Riptide GP 2.

Vector Unit are also running a contest where you enter suggestions for the renaming of one of the Hydro Jets in Riptide GP 2. The fastest Hydro Jet in the game is called the ‘Spinner’ right now and the company wants to change that to something a little bit better. So submit your suggestions through the Rafflecopter widget over on Vector Unit’s Facebook page and if your name is picked, it’ll become the official new name of the faster Hydro Jet in Riptide GP 2. You’ll also have your name in the game’s credits and nab yourself a Nyko PlayPad Pro controller.

There will also be nine runner-up prizes of either a Nyko PlayPad controller or a Nyko PlayPad Pro controller. Good luck and for those of you wondering, Riptide GP 2 is still slated for release sometime this Summer!

Official Website: Vector Unit’s Facebook

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