Day: 8 July 2013


Olethros is a retro style action platformer where your weapon is a talking bird

A new action platformer has arrived onto Android that was inspired by some of the more classic games of this genre from back in the day where 16-bit games ruled. Developed by PewPewNinjaX, Olethros has you thrust into a weird and terrible world after your wife was kidnapped. For some particular reason, once you are there in this new world, a talking bird speaks to you and offers up his help.


Hasbro buys majority stake in Backflip Studios, developers of DragonVale and Ninjump

Interesting news today that happens to be in regards to another game development studio getting purchased. While this isn’t a complete buy-out of Backflip Studios, the company has had a majority stake purchase by the massive toy company Hasbro. The toy company has been steadily getting more involved in mobile gaming over the last year or so, mostly with licensing out some of their franchises to have mobile games made from them.


War-mongering reptile filled turn-based multiplayer combat game TurtleStrike arriving July 25th

Back in December of last year we talked about a rather cool looking turn-based multiplayer combat game called TurtleStrike. This particular game is similar in style to other games of this nature such as Worms, except this has turtles packing big weaponry instead of a bunch of worms. When the game begins, players will create three different formations using a total of 10 turtles each.


Super Pirate Paddle Battle has arrived, bringing us a pong game with style

Pong style games are quite plentiful as the format of the game is simple and works easily on any mobile device. However a lot of them lack any sort of flare that they would need to have in order to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. Super Pirate Paddle Battle is a Pong game but is wrapped up in a pirate theme and some pretty solid graphics to make it almost a unique game onto itself.


Upcoming TCG called Tridek: Creatures of Galena is a little bit different than your typical TCG

While there is no shortage of TCG (Trading Card Games) available for mobile platforms like Android, this also means that the format of these games doesn’t change a whole lot either, giving us a bit of a predictable style of gameplay regardless of what title we are playing from this genre. Tridek: Creatures of Galena is an upcoming card combat game that is aiming to change up the standard format of gameplay found in your typical TCG title.


BitBattle retro-style arcade combat game marches onto Google Play

It’s Monday, the first day after the July 4th weekend and while many people do take today off in order to give themselves an extra day to recover from the festivities they were a part of during the weekend, plenty of people are off back to work like normal. If you happen to be one of those people already back at work and happen to be grumpy about it, or possibly have some extra energy you need to ditch, you might want to check out BitBattle by Human Pride Games.