Day: 12 July 2013


Age of Pirates by the Trese Brothers sails its way onto Google Play

The Trese Brothers have already released a few popular RPGs since they have been on the Android scene but for the past while they have been silent due to a battle with one of the patent trolls we all know about, Lodsys. Well things have taken a turn for the better for the brothers and they are now finally able to get back to what they do best, making cool RPG titles and their newest one is Age of Pirates.


The Playstation Mobile exclusive RTS game Rymdkapsel will be coming to Android on July 25th

Back in May of this year a rather cool RTS game made its way onto Android but only for Playstation Mobile devices. This game was called Rymdkapsel and was developed by Grapefrukt Games and brought with it a unique blend of building and fighting all in one RTS title. The only problem is that it was only for Playstation Mobile devices. That, however, is going to change soon.