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Kerosene Games’ Bounty Arms will finally be arriving onto Google Play next week

One game a lot of people are looking forward to is Bounty Arms from Kerosene Games. This title has been in development for quite some time, having had a hand-on with the game early last year. Well it looks like Bounty Arms is finally going to be making its way to Android soon.

According to a tweet from the fine folks over at Kerosene Game, Bounty Arms will be launching onto iOS this week and Google Play next week. It was originally slated for release back in May but subsequently did get delayed until now. For those of you not familiar with this game, Bounty Arms features full 3D visuals and is a side-scrolling platformer that also has depth-of-field movement. By this we mean at time your character can move away from you or towards you, not just left or right. Weaponry is also rather unique, with items like a giant fly swapper being available in your arsenal along with other weapons like really big guns.

Players will be going around collecting different bounties that are available, earning money to purchase upgrades along the way. Of course the bounties get increasingly more difficult as you get further into the game. There’s also plenty of humor in the game as well to keep things lively.

While we don’t have a price yet, at least we do know that it will be arriving finally onto Android next week. When it does arrive we will be sure to update everyone. The only thing we are not sure of is if this will still be a THD (Tegra only) game, at least at launch.

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