Day: 14 October 2013


Marvel announces two games heading to Android worldwide soon – Marvel Run Jump Smash! and Marvel: Avengers Alliance

NY Comic Con had a few other gaming related announcements while the event was happening and these were from Marvel Entertainment who announced two new games that will be making their appearance on Android in the near future. One game is already out on iOS called Marvel: Avengers Alliance while the second game is MARVEL RUN JUMP SMASH! will be launching on multiple platforms including Android worldwide.


Square Enix on Final Fantasy VII for mobile – Don’t expect it to arrive for a long time

Over the course of the last week and a half we have had the pleasure of reporting on lots of Square Enix news regarding Final Fantasy as well as some of their other franchises like most of their Dragon Quest series. When we reported that Final Fantasy VI was heading to mobile this Winter we also mentioned that Final Fantasy VII had promising prospects in regards to arriving onto mobile in the near future. That near future seems to be longer than we had hoped… a lot longer actually.


NY Comic Con sees Batman: Arkham Origins announced for Android, integrates with console version

So NY Comic Con happened over the weekend and during the event Warner Bros and DC Entertainment announced that Batman: Arkham Origins would be making its way to mobile devices in the near future. Not only will the game be arriving onto Android and iOS soon, you’ll be able to unlock additional suits in the console version of the game when playing the mobile version.