Day: 6 December 2013


Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.8.0 Update should be arriving within the next week or two. Full details here.

Since the beginning of the beta testing phase that Mojang started with Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the upcoming 0.8.0 update, there have been a slew of changes and tweaks made to the game between then and now. However the final build of the update has been finished and the 0.8.0 update has been submitted to Apple for approval. It has been stated officially that the Android release will launch at the same time as the iOS one does.


Next year you’ll be able to create your own games for Android with Createrria

There is a very interesting application heading to Android in the early part of 2014 called Createrria. Developed by Incuvo, this application will allow those of you who are creative or want to try your hand at creating games for Android to do just that, create and share games for Android. The really interesting part about this is that you’ll be doing this on your Android device.