Day: 15 May 2014


Upcoming MMORTS sequel Tribal Wars 2 gets some gameplay shown off finally

We’ve been covering the inevitable release of InnoGames’ upcoming MMORTS sequel Tribal Wars 2 for some time now. Closed beta registration sign-up began in December of 2013 and since then things have been a little hush hush about the actual gameplay and what it will look like. While players of the original game will have some sort of idea, those of you who are new to the franchise may not.


Amazon’s FireTV gets the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy, TwitchTV, Walking Dead Season 2 and more

Rockstar Games has released the entire Grand Theft Auto trilogy that is currently available on Android already but this is over on Amazon’s Marketplace. This release of all three games is for both the Kindle Fire as well as Amazon’s new set-top box, Fire TV. In case you are not familiar with what games are in this trilogy, they are Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas .


Get Ready For Some Looting: NGames’ New 3D MMO XenoQuest Is Set To Release This Summer

The MMORPG space is fairly crowded on Android. While there are certainly more than a few attempts that appear to be shoddy, quick cash grabs on the Google Play marketplace, there are also a go0d number of high quality 3D MMORPGs available on Android. Most of them attempt to simply shoehorn PC MMORPGs into a the mobile experience. NGames looks to be attempting something different with XenoQuest.