Day: 30 June 2014


Knock Knock Review: An enjoyable yet frustrating game to play

Knock knock is an odd game. This makes for a difficult review. The first review that I had lined up was a glowing one as I was quite impressed with the effects the developers designed, as you’ll read below. The second one I was going to write was much more negative, almost scathing, pointing out things that I felt the developers should’ve included in explaining the game better, after I encountering a sudden and unexpected “Game Over” that was without cause. This is my third take on the game, which will be a bit more balanced and include elements of both.


A Hopeful Come Back on the Horizon for Atari

The venerable video gaming staple, Atari has seemingly been around since the beginning for some of us. Yet to newer generations of current gaming youth, the company is seldom mentioned. The once giant stalwart of the gaming industry is talked of in the current gaming era as if it were some long forgotten, buried city or a mythical island lost to the sea.


Zombie Gunship Reality and Google’s Project Tango come together

Project Tango is a venture that Google is undertaking by designing hardware that is able to render models of its surrounding environment. Tango’s sensors take over a quarter of a million measurements every second to update the position of the phone. It then takes all the information and fuses it into a single 3d model of its environment. Why would that matter to gamers like ourselves? I’m glad you asked! Here’s why: for example it’s able to scan a room to create a 3D rendering.


Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Artniks Dive, a classic Final Fantasy game but F2P

While Square Enix may not be porting any more of the actual Final Fantasy games found on other platforms, at least not for the immediate future, that isn’t stopping the company for releasing spin-off games for the franchise. The newest one to be announced is Final Fantasy Artnik Dive, a classic style Final Fantasy game but one that incorporates a Free-to-Play business model and social gaming features.


EA’s CEO says Dungeon Keeper’s microtransactions were a shame

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson has decided to come out and state what pretty much the entire mobile gaming world already knows, and we even stated it back when the game first came out, that the company’s Dungeon Keeper game’s microtransactions were ‘a shame’. He further went on to say that the company ‘misjudged the economy’ and while that may sound like an odd statement, it sounds like it was more in reference to how the game was priced rather than no one could afford it and the game sucked.