Day: September 2, 2014

Game News

Coming to Android: AiRace Speed from QubicGames

It is encouraging to hear about how many games are in development for Android devices. At times, they are created for Android and then make their way to iOS. Other times it is the other way around. Every now and then we hear about games that started off on consoles or other handheld devices making their way to the Android gaming community. Such is the case with game developer Qubic Games. They have released more than ten games during their tenure for Nintendo DSi, Wii, 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation Vita and for iPhone and iPad. The game they are currently working on is AiRace Speed.

Game Reviews

Badland Review: Much More Than a Pretty Face

Though my focus here will be generally pointed at games that fully leverage the stand-out features of the Shield tablet, for now I’m controller-less so I decided to poke around the Tegra Zone in search of a more simply controlled game. Since Badland was the first one I ran into and, hey, it was free, I gave it a quick download and started out knowing absolutely nothing about what I was in for.

Game Reviews

Review: Oscura: Second Shadow. A simple, silhouetted side-scroller

Back before it was trendy, bordering on trite, for games to feature a silhouetted foreground with a colorful background, Oscura was a side-scrolling game that featured that design.  While the original didn’t garner much attention (it’s sitting at 50,000+ downloads despite being a worthwhile play that’s been around for ~3 years), a sequel has been released called Oscura 2: Second Shadow