Day: October 10, 2014

Game News

Square Enix sneaks Dragon Quest II onto Google Play

With the Final Fantasy series coming to a halt for mobile devices for the next little while, except for maybe the odd spin-off game, Square Enix is continuing to push their other popular RPG series called Dragon Quest onto mobile as well. So far we have had Dragon Quest VIII, I and IV available on Google Play but Square Enix silently released Dragon Quest II onto Android the other day.

Game News

Google Play store app updated to Ver.5, plenty of new design changes to enjoy

Google has been one busy company with the updates to their official apps over the past few weeks and this week is no different as the company has pushed out a major version update for the Google Play store application. The app is now officially in the version 5 numbering and with that you can expect a lot of changes both under-the-hood and visibly with the Google Play store app.