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Nintendo Mii App Coming in 2015

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed news of a Mii app coming to Smart Devices next year. This happened during Nintendo’s most recent Investors Q&A .

The app at this point does not have a name, nor is much known about it. However Iwata said that it was originally to be released earlier but was pushed into next year in order to deliver the best App possible. For those not in the know, Mii characters are avatars for 3DS and Wii U users on Miiverse and in games like Nintendo Land. They first appeared with the Wii and Wii Sports.

There are many possibilities for how a Mii app could work. My hope would be for maybe a way to keep track of people’s Mii characters, possibly a version of StreetPass that is designed for use with the Wii U with no 3DS required. However it is used, I doubt it would be an actual game, sorry but if you Want Wii Sports Mobile you just have to accept that it is highly unlikely.

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