Day: 5 November 2014


[Updated] Coming Soon to Android: Monzo – Madfinger Games Boxes Up a Bit of the Past with the Tech of Right Now

Madfinger Games out of the Czech Republic never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think you have seen what the studio is capable of, they make a ninety degree turn, boldly blazing down a different path. We all know Madfinger Games for creating stunning graphics and compelling action in their games. Their soon to be released game Monzo, is a far cry from Samurai Vengeance, Shadowgun or the Dead Trigger series. Monzo is based on virtual model kits that you select, build, paint and share with your friends. Guess what? It looks thoroughly fascinating.


Puppy Pop Review: Playing a Match-3 Puzzle game using the LG G3 Quick Circle

Platform exclusives are the love letters written to gamers in an effort to say “please come play with us, but not in that creepy way that those little girls did in the Shining.” Instead, the platform owner wishes to convince gamers that their particular platform offers a unique experience. This can be seen with iOS and Android, and even among Android OEMs. Nvidia secured several exclusives for their Tegra chip line, and Amazon acquired an entire game studio to develop content for their branded line of Fire tablets and media players.