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World of Tanks Blitz updated with a new line of British Tanks has pushed out a new update for their World of Tankz Blitz game that features a whole new line of British Tanks that have been added to the game. This will show up as a new branch within the British Tank tree and features new heavy tanks for you to eventually unlock and play with. This update is considered the first major release for World of Tank Blitz since the initial launch of the game.

Along with the new line of tanks, World of Tanks Blitz now has a new battle arena to use those tanks in called Castilla. So if you have access to the new British tank line, you can hit up Castilla and go blow up other people. Some of the tanks available in the new branch include the Churchill, powerful Black Prince, quick-firing Conqueror, and rounding out Tier 10 with the FV215b.

Speaking of tanks, two tanks have become available for purchase using gold. These tanks are the legendary Matilda BP and the AT15A, both of which can now be purchased with gold. Lastly, a few fixing have been included in this update including the LTP Soviet tank tech specs have been fixed.

The update is now live on Google Play so you should probably download it when you get a moment.

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