Day: 26 January 2015


Castaway Paradise’s global launch silently happens with a release on Amazon’s Appstore

Way back in December 2012 we reported on a game called Castaway Paradise from Stolen Couch Games and that the game would be arriving onto Android in 2013. Well it is now 2015 and Castaway Paradise has finally seen the light as a global launch with the game appearing on Amazon’s Appstore earlier this month. In fact the release was so quiet that if it wasn’t for a tip we received this morning, we still wouldn’t have known that this game was even out.


Spacetime Studios will be dropping development of most of their older titles to focus on a select few

Interesting news coming out of Spacetime Studios as the company has announced that they will no longer be updating a majority of their older titles, and even some of their newer ones. Instead the company will focus on a select few titles: Arcane Legends, Battle Command, and a new unannounced project. Everything else will no longer be receiving updates. This does not mean the rest of their games are shutting down.