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Shiro Games’ Evoland lets you travel through the history and the evolution of RPGs

Shrio Games has released a really interesting game called Evoland which is a walk through the history of RPGs. Well… we shouldn’t say it is a walk, more like a full journey. Either way it is really neat as the type of gameplay and the entire visual style of the game changes as you progress from the past up to the current time period of today.

The progress you make in this game affects the technology, style, and gameplay that you are currently using. Essentially your journey through the history of RPGs is also our quest to complete, getting through the first period to the most recent.  So while you progress through Evoland, you will be unlocking things like new technologies, gameplay systems (turn-based battle to real-time, etc etc) and ever-improving graphics (think monochrome to full 3D graphics).

I guess the best way to describe this game is that you are essentially living the evolution of RPGs and gaming. Ironically, Evoland was originally released on PC and it looks like with the release onto mobile, the game itself has evolved to another platform. Fitting to say the least. Evoland also has plenty of humor and references to many classic games which, if you are a big gamer, you will enjoy seeing.

For those of you interested in checking this game out, you can download Evoland off of Google Play for $4.99.

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