Day: February 9, 2015

Game Reviews

Star Realms Game Review: A pretty decent TCG in a sea of similar games

Originally created by Rob Dougherty (Co-founder of Ascension) and Darwin Kastle, Star Realms is a card game that has been digitally converted to Android. Star realms is a fairly simple card game with a SciFi setting. This was the first time I’ve played a digital card game. Having enjoyed CCGs/LCGs/TCGs for years (I love even the smell of new cards… you die-hards will know what I mean), I was curious as to how the experience would translate to a touch screen. For the uninitiated, the idea is that you and your opponent(s) have a deck of cards that are custom to the game being played, with a framework of rules that cards can expand upon, as well as the cards taking the place of pieces, counters, and often times a board (such is the case here).