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Big Huge Games and Nexon M team up to release DomiNations onto Android today

Big Huge Games has teamed up with Nexom M, the mobile division of Nexon, to release a new strategy game onto Android today called DomiNations. This particular strategy game takes inspiration from other titles out there in the world of video games like Civilization 2, which makes a lot of sense since the team begin DomiNations includes Brian Reynolds who is a Strategy game veteran and a designer of Civilization 2 and Rise of Nations. This game has been in a soft launch for awhile now, today marks the full release of DomiNations.

As you may be guessing, DomiNations has players building up their kingdom which starts off as a small village in the Stone Age, and grows into a large metropolis in the Space Age. The three key factors in being successful in this game is balancing advancement, exploration, and conquest.

We’ve built DomiNations from the ground up to combine the in-depth strategy gameplay we’ve been creating for over 20 years with a fast, fun, and tactical experience customized for mobile devices. – Brian Reynolds, Creative Director for DomiNations.

At the beginning of this game players will choose which nation that want to represent: British, Romans, Chinese, Germans, French, Japanese, and Greeks. Once you select who you want to be, you will then begin your journey into trying to make the most thriving kingdom possible while advancing through the different Ages in history. This is done by researching landmark technological developments that actually happened in our history. Each civilization has their own strengths and weakness as well so your initial choice as to who you want to be is important.

Even though research and development is important, as well as city expansion, you will need to have a military as well in order to defend against invading armies trying to take over your city. Players must also manage their food, resources and economy while building up their military and hiring mercenaries to colonize neighboring civilizations using real-time combat. This will expand your influence and earn you valuable loot.

While the single-player campaign is pretty big, there is also a multiplayer mode which will let players wage war against opponents from around the world. You can opt to do this solo but if you want to group up with other people you can by forming your own alliance. Regardless of which mode you stick to in DomiNations, there is a lot of customization you can do with your city since there is over 100 unique upgradeable structures. Alliances could literally have members dedicated to resources and such while others are more military focused.

DomiNations is now available on Google Play and can be downloaded for free with optional IAPs. You can also check out the game in action in the video below.

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