Day: 6 April 2015


Razer’s ForgeTV pre-orders show up on Amazon for $149

Back during CES 2015 we got to check our Razer’s upcoming set top box called ForgeTV as well as the peripherals that it will be supporting. Since then Razer has been working to get this new set top box into consumer’s hands as soon as possible and it looks like that will be happening soon as pre-orders have appeared on Amazon for a Razer ForgeTV bundle.


Stolen Couch Games retracts their accusations towards their partner over the Pazuru game

About a week and a half ago we reported on Stolen Couch Games who pushed out a press release detailing possible plans to take action against one of their partners in regards to a game that was released called Pazuru and the fact that it was a clone of another game on Android called Ichi. Since then some new details have come to light which solves the entire issue at hand and, as a result, has Stolen Couch Games pushing out a new blog post retracting everything they said as well as issuing an apology.


[Game Review] Fatal Fight Delivers a Mighty Blow to the Genre of Fighting Games on Android

With a flutter, Neo’s eyes pop open. He says, “I know Kung-Fu!” Morpheus peers at him intently and responds, “Show me.” Thus begins one of the more popular fight sequences in recent movie history, taken from the film, The Matrix. Out of the Republic of Azerbaijan, twenty-six year old game creator, Toghrul Samadov had an idea for a fighting game for mobile devices. He and his team have created Fatal Fight, and it delivers a mighty blow to the fighting genre with a simple game play mechanic.