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Nvidia Shield Android TV 500GB Model Appears on Amazon, Taken Down Thereafter

About two days ago, the Nvidia Shield Android TV appeared on Amazon with two models available, the announced 16 GB version version, and a 500GB model. Of course it was subsequently taken down shortly after, but the internet doesn’t lie! Well okay maybe sometimes, but this was caught before it was taken down.

The 500GB model, referred to as the Nvidia Shield Pro, had recently appeared on the official Shield website, only for it to be taken down with the claim that it was a dev kit. This Amazon listing leads us to believe that the earlier mistake was actually real, and Nvidia just didn’t want to reveal it yet. The Shield Android TV is going to be the third entry in Nvidia’s line of Android gaming devices. This time out, its a micro-console that utilizes the newest in mobile processors, the Tegra X1

The Shield Android TV, formerly the Shield Console, is set to come out this month, yet as every day inches by, the wait becomes harder to endure. No seriously I actually am really interested in this thing. With a GTX 970 in my PC I am very ready to start doing some quality PC gaming. Plus with games like Metal Gear Rising coming to Android for it, I’ll probably play those too. Of course it needs to be released first.

Website Referenced: Android Police

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