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Nvidia has submitted a new controller and remote specs to the FCC

Nvidia has submitted designs for a pair of new wireless peripherals to the FCC. To wit, they are a TV remote (similar to the one used with Nvidia’s Android TV model), and a game controller. Starting with the latter, it’s obvious that it’s a redesign for a few reasons. First, the shape of the controller is a bit on the leaner side, thinning out at the lower portion (think PlayStation’s Sixaxis controller, but not quite as drastic).


Nvidia’s possible Shield Tablet follow-up looks to be canceled

Back in May 2016 we reported on Nvidia submitted a new Shield tablet to the FCC, which looked to be the follow-up to the current Shield K1 model. From what was in that FCC report, it looked like the new model would have been an upgrade to the current one, sporting a Tegra X1 chipset for starters. We say ‘would have’ because Nvidia has submitted a dismissal request letter to the FCC over the new tablet.


Arcade-Style Puzzler Pix the Cat launches onto Nvidia Shield devices

Now available on Nvidia Shield devices, Pix the Cat is a mash-up between two old school classics, Snake and Pac-Man. Each single screen level contains a number of eggs and a corresponding number of target spaces. Each time Pix grabs an egg, it turns into a duckling that then proceeds to follow Pix around the level. Collect more eggs and your tail of ducklings gets longer and longer… so long, in fact, that eventually you have to be wary of hitting your own ducks and receiving a penalty.


[CES2015] Nvidia announces their next mobile superchip – The Tegra X1

CES 2015 begins this week and as most of you know, yesterday and today happens to be press conference day, where all the major companies out there hold press conferences to announce their newest gadgets, phones, tablets, wearables, and so on. So far there have been a few events already and one of those was Nvidia’s Press Conference where the company announced their newest superchip for mobile devices called the Tegra X1.