Day: March 29, 2015

Amazon FAOTD

[UPDATED: Puzzle Game Only] Amazon Free App of the Day: Award Winning Puzzle/Adventure Game: The Inner World

One of the many pros of having an Android device is having choices. There are many things you can choose to change on your Android device that you cannot on iOS devices. That is to say, if you don’t jailbreak your device or root it. To that end, Android not only has the Google Play Store, but also the Amazon App Store, for you to download apps/games. Amazon has a free app of the day, and today’s free app is one you should download, if you enjoy puzzle/adventure games. The Inner World is available to download for free for the next twenty-four hours.


Weekend Play Game Review: Hyper Square from Team Signal

Team Signal LLC, has recently delivered to the Google Play Store, a game that requires good hand eye coordination and incalculable dexterity when it comes to your fingers. Hyper Square is the latest twitch-quick type game to play on your Android device. If you like music, and levels that require memory, as well as speed in game play, then Hyper Square is a game that you should download. Just how fast can you hit that download button?