Rumored New Shield Portable May Have Tegra X1 Processor

A new Nvidia Shield Portable may be on the way according to recent certifications for its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

The rumored device would be a follow up to the Shield Portable, launched in June of 2013. The new handheld, referenced as SHIELD Portable P2523, may feature the Tegra X1 processor, the same processor found in Nvidia’s upcoming Shield Console. The processor is a step above the Shield Tablet’s (which launched last summer) K1 processor. It is able to run games like Metal Gear Rising Revenge and Borderlands 2 natively, as opposed to streaming them from a PC.

We do a lot of Shield coverage here at DroidGamers, as a Shield Portable Owner, I think that would be a neat device to have, though I would rather get a tablet with the X1 processor in it.

Website Referenced: Android Police

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