Day: 19 May 2015


Is Blizzard teasing another expansion for Hearthstone? It appears like they are.

Blizzard has only released one real expansion for Hearthstone since the game’s release, which was the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion. While adventure updates do include new cards, there is only a small amount added to the game and so they do expand what is available card-wise in Hearthstone, it isn’t like a full expansion such as Goblins vs Gnomes which added 150+ cards. It appears that Blizzard may be teasing yet another expansion for Hearthstone, this time themed with pirates and ninjas.


Survive life after The Bomb in Hardboiled

Claiming its inspiration from the Fallout series, Hardboiled is about surviving life after nuclear war. In Hardboiled, players will assume the role of  Max, one of the survivors of a nuclear holocaust. As one might expect, the blast itself killed many people, and the ensuing radiation and disease wiped out more, after the fact.


You can now pre-register for the “World’s first racing/dating sim” game for mobile

For those of you who enjoy street racing as well as dating sim games, there is some good news for you today as TOAST has opened up pre-registration for what they are dubbing as the “World’s first Racing/Dating Sim” game. While we are not exactly sure if this is a world first for all platforms, we certainly can’t think of any racing/dating sim hybrid games off the top of our heads for mobile at least. This is what is called Drift Girls.


ZQGames offers up an interesting new event called the Ban Hammer Welcome Event for ex-World of Warcraft players

Once in awhile we get some rather odd news to post, whether it be a strange cross-over event or something else, and today seems to be one of those days. ZQGames has announced a new event they are going to be holding called the Ban Hammer Welcome Event which is geared towards hardcore gamers and the company is targeting ex-World of Warcraft players who left the game last week.