Day: 20 May 2015


RESCUE: Heroes in Action firefighter simulation strategy game will be landing on Android next month

RESCUE: Heroes in Action is an upcoming strategy simulation game that will be arriving next month onto mobile devices. Currently in development by Fragment Production, RESCUE: Heroes in Action is all about saving people as a firefighter before they burn to death horribly. Well maybe it isn’t that gruesome but the goal is to work with your team of firefighters to save before who happen to be in trouble.


Telltale Games releases screenshots for their Game of Thrones upcoming Episode 4 Sons of Winter

On Monday we reported on Telltale Games and the fact they had begun teasing the next episode for their Game of Thrones series called Sons of Winter. This will be episode 4 which means there will be two more episodes after this new one is released, and then the series will be done. When this new episode was revealed the other day, there was just a promo image to go by, but now we have some screenshots to check out.


Why Mortal Kombat X for mobile is a decent game but could have been a fantastic one

One of the most anticipated games this year for mobile, and mainly all video game platforms, was Mortal Kombat X. While the game was supposed to be released around the same time as the iOS version, the Android version ended up being weeks late over every other platform the game was released on. We may never know the real reason this happened but now that the game has been out for roughly a week or so globally, everyone has had a chance to play it. What could have ended up as a barrier breaking fantastic game actually ended up being a decent game when you need to kill some time.


R2Games releases a new update for their EZ PZ RPG title

Last month R2Games globally launched a new RPG called EZ PZ RPG which is essentially one of those RPG titles you don’t actually have to play. It plays itself for the most part. What you get to do is swap out gear, characters in your party, and activities like that. Actually diving into dungeons and killing monsters is done automatically, even with the game running in the background.