Day: June 4, 2015

Game News

Com2uS introduces Guild Battles to Soul Seeker in the game’s newest update

Com2uS has released an update today for their Soul Seeker game which brings Guild Battles to it. This feature will run on a weekly basis where player-formed guilds will be pitted against each other in battle to earn points. Winning a battle will earn your more points than losing a battle of course. The guild with the most points at the end of the battle period will get rewards that can be used in future guild battles.

Game News

Beat the clock in the new puzzler from Noodlecake studios called Puzzle Blitz

Released by Noodlecake studios, Puzzle Blitz is a simple puzzle game that is similar to their previous release Puzzle Bits. What makes this different for players is that they will look to solve as many puzzles within three minutes as possible. Like Puzzle Bits, players are given a picture of the completed design, and then arrange graphically simple pieces into their proper positions, against a black backdrop.

Game News

Award-winning Augmented Reality game Clandestine: Anomaly will be released soon for Android

Augmented Reality games can be pretty fun and there is an award-winning one heading our way soon. Developed by ZenFri, and co-written by Gears of War 2 writer Joshua Ortega, Clandestine: Anomaly will be launching onto mobile devices starting this month. This is an alternate-reality science fiction adventure where an alien spaceship crash lands in your neighborhood, narrowly missing your house.

Game News

Netmarble reveals their great looking online RPG called IDEA, heading to Android later this year

Netmarble has hinted at a pretty big game release for mobile but today the company has finally pulled back the curtain to reveal exactly what this game is. It is an online RPG called IDEA, and that is the working title which could change before its release. Regardless of whatever the game ends up being called, this is another title that looks pretty impressive.