Day: 13 June 2015


Shoot down as many birds as you can in Guncat, now available on Google Play

Released by Techland and Shortbreak Studios, Guncat is a simple shooting game. In Guncat, players will assume the role of the eponymous Guncat, who is an otherwise nice little kitty that has been rudely awoken by raucous birds. Players begin the game by selecting one of several different guns, and then going to work to take out as many of the birds as possible, by tapping the screen.


Rob banks and duck the police in Grand Theft Pursuit, now updated with a complete overhaul

In Grand Theft Pursuit, players assume the role of a thief, who goes on a thieving-spree from bank to bank. Players will be able to score a variety of different things from the various banks, ranging from cash, to valuable, to finding the “safe full of goodies”. Throughout the game there are codes that can be found for the various safes, to be used in collecting what’s inside of them.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Foursaken Media Returns to the Vividly Created World of Heroes and Castles: Heroes and Castles 2 Coming to Android Soon

Foursaken Media has released several popular games for Android. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, four brothers with a passion for gaming, have created Phantom Rift, Block Fortress, Block Fortress: Wars, Bug Heroes 2, Puzzle to the Center of the Earth, and one of my personal favorites, which was released last year, Heroes and Castles. Here is some great gaming news for you. Heroes and Castles 2 is coming to Android soon, and it looks even better and more enjoyable than its predecessor.