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More details regarding the upcoming Diablo-style game Torchlight Mobile

A couple of weeks back during E3 2015, one of the bigger games announced for mobile was a new Torchlight game, appropriately named Torchlight Mobile. While the game was announced and demos were played, a more official list of features wasn’t available since the game is still deep in development.

One main feature that did come out of E3 2015 was that Torchlight Mobile would be free-to-play, which to some people this was a real disappointment. Other people were fine with this fact. The free-to-play part of the game isn’t aggressive and so playing Torchlight Mobile freely is completely doable. As for the gameplay, if you’ve played games like Diablo, Path of Exiles, or the Torchlight games on PC, then you should have a decent idea what to expect with Torchlight Mobile.

Players will pick the class they want to play as, eventually gaining a pet companion as well, and it is off to dungeon crawling and getting loot. Pets actually carry loot and fight alongside your character as well. This could be better armor, weapons, gold, or items. Of course you will be leveling up your character as well, getting stronger and opening up new abilities along the way. The entire game is designed around the same style as its PC brethren. In fact Fishing is confirmed for Torchlight Mobile, which was pretty popular in the Torchlight PC games.

However, this isn’t an expansion of the two PC titles in the Torchlight franchise. This is a new addition to the franchise, which means there are now new features not seen in the PC games which are now officially confirmed today by Runic Games.

Here is the confirmed features list for Torchlight Mobile so far:

– An entirely new Torchlight game with a new story and new areas to explore
– New playable races and classes exclusive to Torchlight Mobile
– New skill augmentation system
– PVP and multiplayer gameplay
– New collectible pets system
– Timed challenges

Runic Games has even more features in store for Torchlight Mobile, but won’t confirm anything else right now. The fact that it is free-to-play may still put people off of this game even with all of this content confirmed. But, until the game is actually released in full and not a demo, we will reserve our final judgement on everything till then. We will post an update once more details are released, especially when we get into the beta with a more complete game.

Official Website: Torchlight Mobile

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