Day: 16 July 2015


Albion Online Summer Alpha content update opens up the Deadlands to players

The Albion Online Summer Alpha has been in full swing for the past few weeks and it has been going pretty good, at least on the PC side of things. A lot of mobile players haven’t been able to enjoy the game too much due to it still needing plenty of optimizing for the visuals so they don’t hog your resources and produce rendering lag. If you are one of the few that doesn’t experience a lot of that, such as myself, then you’ve probably been enjoying your time in Albion Online’s Summer Alpha quite a lot.


Kill Me Again – Infectors pre-registration now live for its upcoming global launch

Pre-registration for a mobile game is certainly becoming the norm it seems as more developers offer up rewards to users who pre-register from their upcoming game. NHN PixelCube recently started a soft launch for their upcoming mobile game called Kill Me Again – Infectors and apparently the soft launch has gone rather well. Now TOAST, who is in charge of publishing the game, has opened up pre-registration for the upcoming global launch of Kill Me Again – infectors.


Bandai Namco brings Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle to Android gamers globally today

Bandai Namco has had Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle in a location limited soft launch for the past few weeks and it appears everything has appeared to gone well as this game is now available on a global scale over on Google Play. This is actually a bit of a hybrid game, mixing team-based gameplay with a bit of an puzzle-based brawler that takes place on a board game type of system at certain points.