Albion Online Summer Alpha content update opens up the Deadlands to players

The Albion Online Summer Alpha has been in full swing for the past few weeks and it has been going pretty good, at least on the PC side of things. A lot of mobile players haven’t been able to enjoy the game too much due to it still needing plenty of optimizing for the visuals so they don’t hog your resources and produce rendering lag. If you are one of the few that doesn’t experience a lot of that, such as myself, then you’ve probably been enjoying your time in Albion Online’s Summer Alpha quite a lot.

Well today a new content update is arriving for Albion Online which opens up an entire new zone for players to explore. This new zone, called the Deadlands, is an entire area full of PvP-enabled clusters of land. It is also one of the more higher level areas in the game right now, so running into there with novice gear will prove to not be the best idea. This are also contain new high tier resources, both T7 and T8. Guilds have over 20 new areas to try conquering and claiming as well. If you’re in a small guild, or running solo, you might want to stay away for a day or two as the fighting should be pretty insane right now.

While there are plenty of new dungeons to explore in the Deadlands, there is one in particular that a new boss calls home. The new boss is the Demon Prince of Albion’s Morgana faction and groups of up to 10 players can try and defeat this new boss. Along with the new boss, there is also new enemies as well: Demon Imps and Demon Horrors. Make sure you have some decently high tiered gear before taking on any of these.

The Deadlands content update is now available for Albion Online Summer Alpha players. You should be able to download the new content patch when you log into your account. In order to participate in this Alpha, you have to be a Legendary or Epic Founder, which can be gained by purchasing the matching Founder’s Pack from the Albion Online website. You can check the entire changelog for this patch over on the official forum thread located here. For more details about this game, check out our hands-on preview of the Summer Alpha.

Official Website: Albion Online

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