Day: 28 July 2015


The Cocos2d v3.7 update is now available, merges Cocos2d-JS into Cocos2d-x

Chukong Technologies has announced that Cocos2d-JS has merged into Cocos2d-x to form Voltron… er… the new Cocos2d v3.7 update which is now available for download. For those of you not familiar with Cocos, this is basically one of the largest and most popular game development engines for mobile games. According to Chukong Technologies, Cocos now has over 490,000 registered mobile game developers and over 16,000 published titles.


Climax Studios announces Bandit Six Salvo, their second VR title for the Samsung Gear VR

Climax Studios announced awhile ago a new Virtual Reality game for the Samsung Gear VR called Bandit Six. You may remember us reporting on it when it was released. Well the company has been investing heavily into VR technology in order to get ever better at making games for it. Now they are ready to announce their second title and it happens to be a follow up to Bandit Six called Bandit Six Salvo.


The Ouya Saga continues. Indie developers in trouble as Ouya backs out of $1 million fund

Well if the Ouya saga hasn’t been interesting enough for you as of late, today’s news will certainly get your interested and quite possibly not in a good way. After Razer confirmed that the purchase of the Ouya company, mainly the software and the development team, news is now out that the company is backing out of their promised $1 million fund for indie developers.


DroidGamers Interviews Game Developer Nekki: Creators of Shadow Fight 2, Vector and the soon to be released Vector 2

DroidGamers has an opportunity every now and then, to learn more about the companies that make the games we enjoy playing. We get the chance to find out about their inner workings, and what drives them to create games. Nekki, the game developer behind Shadow Fight 2 and the immensely popular Vector, has given DroidGamers such an opportunity. This is a two-part interview. In this first interview, we will learn about the origins and inner workings of Nekki. Our second interview will be about the highly anticipated Vector 2, which is in development now, and will be coming to Android/iOS very soon.