Day: July 29, 2015

Hardware News

Razer’s Serval game controller is now available for purchase on Google Store

Back in June 2015 Razer’s Forge TV bundle appeared on the Google Play store in the device section. The bundle came with the Forge TV unit as well as one Serval game controller as well for a singular price. However, if you needed a second controller, you would have to go elsewhere to buy it… until now. Razer now has the Serval controller on Google Play for sale on its own.

Game News

Razer steps up and offers developers with games on Ouya a new deal

Yesterday we reported on the fact that Ouya basically owes a decent amount of developers a fair amount of money from their Free The Games fund. Because of the deal that went through with Ouya being bought out by Razer, a lot of those developers who qualified for that million dollar fund would not be getting their money. Well that was the case but now things have changed thanks to Razer stepping up to the plate, offering developers a new deal.