Plants vs Zombies 2 gets a new large content update called Summer Nights

EA and Popcap have announced a new content update has just arrived for Plants vs Zombies 2 which is titled Summer Nights. This update brings with it Pinata Party themed levels to the game and, like any other update that brings levels to Plants vs Zombies 2, there are also new plants and zombies to deal with as well.

Usually when a content update arrives, there is two or three new plants and zombies added to the game. Sometimes there’s as little as one of each. In the case of Summer Nights however, there are seven new zombies dressed up with Summer Nights themed costumes. This does include the very dangerous Hot Dog Imp. Luckily for you there is a limited edition plant that will also be available called Strawburst who throws exploding Strawberries.

There is also be a new Summer Nights-themed Vasebreaker mode where every smash will reward you with pretty sparklers to enjoy. Also added are exploding pinatas and 5 additional costumes for players to collect, which you will get to keep. Lastly, players will be rewards with even more power-ups every time you win.

The Summer Nights update for Plants vs Zombies 2 is now available for download and will run until next month, ending on August 13th. You can check out more about the update with the trailer above.

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