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Nintendo confirms that their first mobile game will be arriving this year. Will be debuting it tomorrow.

A lot of people have been eagerly waiting to see what Nintendo will release onto mobile platforms since the announcement of the company’s partnership with DeNA. So far Nintendo has confirmed that they will be releasing five games onto mobile platforms between now and April 2017. While Nintendo has been pretty quite about what franchises will come to mobile, and what those games will be, we do know that they are involved in the upcoming Pokemon GO game. However, it isn’t confirmed as to whether or not that game is part of their upcoming five titles they plan to release.

Tomorrow will be a big day for Nintendo, possibly. We say possibly because the company has announced that they will be debuting their first mobile game tomorrow. It will be a big day if it isn’t the Pokemon GO title we already know about. If it is that game, well it won’t be that big of a day since we already know about the game but hopefully we will see some live gameplay of Pokemon GO.

The news of this debut came just after the company posted their second quarter earning today. Nintendo will be holding a press conference tomorrow where they will be discussing their financial report as well as talking about their first mobile game release. There are some details though that hint at what this first game will be. Back in June Nintendo mentioned that Mr. Kono, from Mario Kart fame, will be the lead developer for this first game. So the possibility of the first mobile game from Nintendo being a kart/racing game is quite high.

Unfortunately Nintendo won’t be live streaming tomorrow’s press conference. The company does plan to restart Nintendo Direct presentations though by the end of this year. That doesn’t help us see tomorrow’s event though. Either way, as soon as details emerge tomorrow about the first mobile game from Nintendo, we will be posting on them.

Website Referenced: Wall Street Journal

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