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[Update: Released] 11-bit Studios will be bringing This War Of Mine to smartphones next month

11-bit Studios posted a new video blog on their YouTube channel, which is something they do on a regular basis where they talk about what the company has been working on lately. However, this time there was some pretty interesting news regarding their latest game This War Of Mine. Currently this game is only available on tablets (not including PC and console versions), but that appears to be changing and as soon as next month.

Update: November 11th, 2015 10:11am PST: 11-bit Studios has released the update today which allows for owners of Android phones to play this game. In other words, This War Of Mine is not just for tablets anymore. Anyone looking to pick this game up for their phone can now do so. If you don’t see the update on Google Play just yet, give it a few moments as it was just released and is still propagating.

During their vlog 11-bit Studios revealed that a smartphone version of This War Of Mine will be heading our way soon, and even had a little bit of the video dedicated to showing it running on an iPhone. If you’re not familiar with this game, essentially this is a survival game but instead of taking the viewpoint of a soldier or a similar style character like most games in this genre, This War Of Mine puts you in the perspective of the civilians trying to survive during a massive outbreak of war.

Players will have to go exploring at night, trying to find items that you will need in order to ensure survival. Since you will be controlling a group of survivors, you can have each one doing a particular role. However, there will be times where touch choices will need to be made, including sacrificing a survivor or two in your group for the better good of the entire group as a whole.

This War Of Mine has only been available for tablets and Android TV compatible devices. It will be arriving for smartphones finally in November, although an exact release date hasn’t been revealed just yet. You can check out 11-bit Studios’ vlog in the video below.

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