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HyperDevBox puts all their games on sale for the holidays

HyperDevBox, the team behind games like ExZeus, Record of Agarest War, and more for mobile, have put their entire catalog of games on sale for the holidays. Even though this sale is for the holiday season, it is only for a very limited time. It looks like all of the games on sale are around 40-60% off their regular price.

If you’re not familiar with HyperDevBox and their games, they have released some really good high-end titles onto Android. A lot of their game releases are ports of Playstation 2/3/portable titles, but they kept everything in tact. What this means is that all their games feature all the content and no toned down graphics. This also means that most of their games are rather larger in size.

ExZeus 2 and Record of Agarest War

HyperDevBox Game Sale:

– INDY 500 Arcade Racing on sale for $2.07
– ExZeus Arcade on sale for $1.24
– ExZeus 2 on sale for $2.48
– LoveCatch on sale for $1.45
– Spectral Souls on sale for $4.96
– Blazing Souls Accelate on sale for $4.96
– Record of Agarest War on sale for $6.20
– Record of Agarest War Zero on sale for
– Generation of Chaos on sale for $3.72

As we mentioned earlier, HyperDevBox has said this sale is for a very limited time, although we don’t have an exact end date. Also be sure that you have enough free space available for any of the games you purchase.

Google Play: HyperDevBox

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