Day: February 8, 2016

Game Reviews

Half-Life 2 Review: A classic shooter that still holds up today

Released by Valve, Half-Life 2 is an icon of voodoo gaming as a whole, not just its genre of First-Person Shooting. The game is available for weekday I believe is anything running Nvidia’s SOC, and outright requires a controller to play. Never having played a Half-Life game before, I was quite excited at the opportunity. I’ve spent the part few weeks playing through this game, and this is my review.

Game News

DreamSky Entertainment has released the enchanting puzzle game Lost Journey for Android

DreamSky Entertainment created the vivid and popular game League of Stickmen. The latest game they help bring to Android is colorful too, but without all of the action to be had in League of Stickmen. Lost Journey is a well-nominated and award-winning puzzle game that is available to download in the Play Store. It has enchanting music, intriguing puzzles, and a story that will keep you engaged.

Game News

Craneballs releases Splash Cars onto Android devices

Craneballs Studios is known for their action games. Their most popular is probably the Overkill series, followed by the Gun Master series. Their latest release has taken them in a different direction. Splash Cars is all about painting the town… literally. You hop in your car, step on the gas, and let the colors fly. It is an entertaining game and you can download it now in the Play Store.

Game News

Gnomes aplenty in Qubic Games fun but tough platformer Geki Yaba Runner

Who doesn’t love Gnomes? Aside from being an unusual character for a game, Qubic Games and Chillingo have chosen to create a side-scrolling platform game starring a Gnome. The game is colorful, varied in game play, and tough as nails. Guess what? I like it. Some games stray away from making games in the upper tier of difficulty. That is not the case with Geki Yaba Runner. It is tough, but it is rewarding. A jumping, bouncing and floating Gnome collecting socks, should not be ignored.