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Pokemon GO field testing now available in Australia and New Zealand

In other Pokemon related news, gamers everywhere, or at least Pokemon fans, lost their collective minds when Pokemon GO was announced last year. Niantic, the company behind the upcoming title, is now expanding field testing for Pokemon Go to Australia and New Zealand.

For those of you not familiar with what this game is all about, Pokemon Go takes after Niantic’s first mega­-hit, Ingress, in that it requires players to get up and play in the outdoors. In Pokemon GO, players will get to explore their surroundings in search of Pokemon, which can then be used for battles.

Only as of last month did Niantic Labs release actual gameplay details and screenshots of Pokemon GO. You can even see some of the gameplay now thanks to the recently leaked video from SXSW 2016, although that didn’t show much of the gameplay outside of throwing your digital Pokeball a couple of times to catch a Pokemon, and none of the combat was shown.

Pokemon GO is set to release later this year on Android and iOS, although there is now exact release date as of right now. Those of you interested in participating may sign up using the link below for the limited closed beta.

Official Website: Pokemon GO beta sign-ups

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