Day: 11 April 2016


Minecraft: Pocket Edition Skin Pack and Minecraft: Story Mode are both on sale for a limited time at 90% off

If you’re a Minecraft fan but only happen to own one of the two Minecraft games for Android, or none of them, then right now is a good time to consider snapping up a copy of the game(s) you don’t own just yet. Both Minecraft: Pocket Edition new Skin Pack and Minecraft: Story Mode are on sale for a limited time, both with pretty big discounted prices too.


End Development’s new title, Out of the Void, is now available on Google Play

End Development has just released their debut title, Out of the Void, on the Google Play Store. Out of the Void is a sci­-fi themed puzzle game set in a strange futuristic world that draws inspiration from such titles as Portal, The Swapper and Shift. In order to escape, players must maneuver their character while also shifting the levels around in various ways to their benefit.


PlayPlayFun announces a sequel to Tales of Clicker Knights RPG. Heading to Android at the end of this month.

At the end of this month, PlayPlayFun will be returning to the world of Tales of Clicker Knights RPG with the sequel for that game, officially titled Tap Knight and the Dark Castle. If you’re not familiar with the original game and franchise, these are ‘clicker’ games but with other activities to do in the game aside from just tapping on a singular button as much as you can.


Bold graphics, compelling game play + Ninjas = Mr. Future Ninja. Coming to Android this Fall.

Mr. Future Ninja sounds like it would be an excellent movie, a great novel or even a dope music band, but it’s not. It is even better than that. Though truth be told, I wouldn’t mind experiencing it in any of the aforementioned formats. Mr. Future Ninja is a mobile game that will be coming to Android and iOS later this year. It looks as cool as it sounds… right?


Jewel Road is an artistic puzzle game from Crescent Moon. It will arrive this week for Android.

Crescent Moon Games has been quite busy lately with a stream of releases for iOS and Android. Android gamers will be treated to a new match 3 puzzle game this week called Jewel Road. The art work in the game is pixel-based, but it is lavishly rendered. The game is a collaboration between Crescent Moon Games and Loony Rocket Studio, a micro studio based in Vienna, Austria.