Day: 13 April 2016


Nvidia’s Tegra K1 Shield tablet gets update 1.2 which brings plenty of bug fixes and optimizations

Nvidia has pushed out a new OTA update, that being update 1.2, for their Tegra K1 Shield tablet this afternoon. This update, which is mainly bug fixes and optimizations, bumps the Android version up to 6.0.1 for this particular Shield device. Before anyone asks however, the LTE version’s update is still being worked on, so you’ll be sticking with Android 5.1.1 for a bit longer.


Bring a poisoned city back to life using a robotic sphere in Aurora: Quarantine, now available from Google Play

Released by ForthWardStudios, Aurora: Quarantine is a new entrant into the balance ball genre. Set in the year 2098, the world has succumbed to pollution and the misuse of resources. In response to this, ecological sanctuary cities are created, but only the super wealthy can afford to live there and thus escape the hardship that everyone else is forced to endure.


[Update: Game Released] Zenge is great looking indie puzzle game heading to Android next month

If you’re a fan of indie games, puzzle games, or both, then there is a new title heading to Android soon that you’ll want to keep an eye out for called Zenge. Developed by Hamster On Coke Games, which is made up of acouple of indie developers, one being Michal ‘Hamster’ Pawlowski and the other being Korad Januszewski, who did all of the illustrations, Zenge is actually quite the good looking game both visually and in terms of how the gameplay checks out.


[Update: Winners Selected] DroidGamers and Toka Loka Games team up for a Goo Saga Giveaway

A few days ago, DroidGamers was one of the first media sites to uncover the new gem of a game called Goo Saga. You can read our brief review of the game here. The great news is that we have been talking with Toka Loka Games over the past couple of days after they saw our article.  They kindly decided to team up with us to give away ten free promo codes for the game.


[Update: Pre-Register Now] Rovio soft launches their newest entry into their Angry Birds franchise called Angry Birds Action!

Rovio, makers of all things avian and angry, have released a new game into the Angry Birds franchise called Angry Birds Action! The game is currently being rolled out softly in a few select regions, so I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet. That being said, the game fits the mold of prior releases, where players will pull back on Red, and then let him loose to bounce around a variety of outdoor structures (sound familiar yet?), to see what can be taken down.


Minecraft Realms finally enters Alpha testing for Minecraft: Pocket Edition players

Shortly after the release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, one of the main features everyone wanted was some sort of server service where players could join up and play together, just like the PC version of Minecraft. This was to be Minecraft Realms, which was going to be hosted by Mojang themselves. Of course players of the PC version could always set up their own servers and a lot of players did. However getting that done for Minecraft: Pocket Edition was nowhere as easy, although with the launch of PocketMine it did become easier for sure.