Day: 29 April 2016


Stave off the extinction of the dinosaurs in Dino Bash, now released globally on Google Play

Released by Game Alliance, Dino Bash is a tug-of-war style game that’s finally been released globally. This idea of this game is fairly straightforward. Dinosaurs are looking to protect their eggs, which apparently contains the “chosen one”, from the hungry cavemen nearby. The cavemen come in waves, similar to what one would see in a Plants vs Zombies format, but players will be using the dinosaurs in a much different fashion.


Rescue your fellow clones from the PTi facility in Stealth Inc 2, now available for Nvidia Shield devices

Released by Nvidia Shield Partners, Stealth Inc 2 is a new platformer available on Android. In this game, players are assuming the role of a clone that is desperately seeking his escape from the lab/factory, known as the PTi facility. Players will need to avoid an innumerable number of deadly traps as they attempt to clear the facilities more than sixty different levels.


gumi inc’s upcoming RPG called Phantom of the Kill finally has a release date

gumi inc, who already have released a few solid games onto Android such as Brave Frontier and Wakfu Raiders, have finally announced a general release date for their upcoming Phantom of the Kill RPG for mobile devices. We originally reported on this game back in the beginning of 2015 and since our last article in October, not much has been mentioned about this game’s release until now.


Puzzler City Lines has received an update that now includes multiplayer

Released by Genix Lab, City Lines is an Android puzzler that’s received a significant update. For the uninitiated, City Lines players are looking to “connect the dots”, so to speak, within a grid that contains city like elements that need to be paired up. For example, there may be a pair of housing icons, along with pairs of waterfront, fauna, and industrial locations pair as well, all on a five by five grid.