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Nintendo’s next two mobile games will feature a free-to-start business model

Nintendo recently revealed what franchises their next two mobile games would be from, that being Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. Today the company revealed what sort of business model these games would have, and while Nintendo did say all of their games would be free-to-play more than likely back when they initially revealed they would be making mobile games, it seems then are going to be trying a slightly different approach with these two upcoming games.

In case you missed our previous coverage, Nintendo recently announced that the next couple of mobile games to head to mobile would be from the Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing franchises, which is great considering Miitomo doesn’t really feel like an actual game, but more like a social app with customizable characters. These two upcoming games should actually be games though, or at least hopefully they will be.

Animal Crossing on the Wii U

While Nintendo did mention all their games would be free-to-play, which fits into the partnership with DeNA, what the company wants to do with these two is something more along the lines of a free-to-start business model. Essentially what this means is that players will be able to play the game for a bit, completely free, then have to buy into it in some fashion. What that exactly will be wasn’t elaborated on, but if it proves successful, Nintendo could use this model from here on out.

Of course Nintendo didn’t mention any details about what either of these games will entail, or how they will play out, or how they will be monetized past the ‘free-to-start’ method, which is pretty par for the course as of late. Usually Nintendo won’t reveal much in the way of game details until way closer to a game’s release. When that happens though, we will post an update.

Website Referenced: Engadget

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