Day: 31 May 2016


Super Phantom Cat surpasses 400K downloads and releases onto Android TV to celebrate

For big companies getting millions of downloads are the milestones that they look to surpass. When it comes to indie developers, a few hundred thousand can be the same to them as EA getting 10 million downloads for a game. Super Phantom Cat has just surpassed 400,000 downloads and to celebrate that milestone, the developers have released an update that adds Android TV support.


Real-time strategy game MechCom 2 now supports multiplayer with its newest update

Released by Game Dev Team, MechCom 2 – 3D is the RTS game that we had previously report on. For those unfamiliar with the game, this is a real-time strategy game where players can tweak how they want their units built. Players will have control over the weapons, armor, and how it moves (legs, tank treads, flyer, etc), in order to mold an army into the ideal fighting force.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Tapstar Interactive will be releasing Alice in Wonderland: Golf Puzzle Adventures this week

Do you like Mini Golf? How about Alice in Wonderland? If you answered “Yes” to both of those questions, TapStar Interactive and Paladin Studios have a game coming for you. Releasing later this week is Alice in Wonderland: Puzzle Golf Adventures created by TapStar Interactive (Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary) and Paladin Studios (Momonga Pinball). What would make Alice follow the white rabbit in this day in age? He stole her Smartphone of course.