Day: 20 June 2016


Viridi is a new meditative garden title from Ice Water Games that’s now available on Google Play

While some games focus a lot on action, others are all about relaxing and that is one of the themes behind Ice Water Games’ new release called Viridi. If this game sounds familiar, it should, as we covered its development back in the earlier part of 2015. After our initial coverage, not much in the way of news had been released from the developers regarding where the game was at in terms of development. Now we get to jump right into it and start playing.


Smartboy accessory by Hyperkin can turn your phone into a functional Gameboy

As a kid, I remember enjoying a few different types, be they the Tiget handhelds, my brother’s Game Gear, or Nintendo’s Gameboy, all of which (plus more later) enabled gaming “on the go. Hyperkin is a company that has been working on an emulator that runs Gameboy games, and is dubbed the Smartboy. “Big Deal!”, I might hear you say. Well, it might interest you, dear skeptic, to know that this emulator is different from just downloading and running ROMs in two ways.


Enjoy placing virtual wagers on soccer/football matches in Sim Betting Football, now out on Google Play

As a kid, my grandfather had a toy blackjack game, not much larger than a gameboy. I remember playing with it extensively, so I can see the appeal of games that revolve around betting that isn’t real. Once such game, released by Vindicta Games, is called Sim Betting Football and is a new type of football/soccer game. If this sounds familiar, it is because we talked about this game back in March 2016 when it was on Kickstarter looking for additional funds.