Day: 6 July 2016


[UPDATE: Release Update] Pokemon GO beta begins in the US as of today, more details revealed as well

So far we have had a pretty good look at Niantic Labs upcoming Pokemon GO game and what will all be arriving with it. For the past few weeks, there has been a bit of a closed beta/field test going on over in Australia and a couple other locations. Today begins the US version of the beta testing and Niantic Labs has gone ahead and revealed more details about the combat mechanics to come with Pokemon GO.


Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run is available in the Play Store

The Walking Dead comic book and television series have spawned countless fans. There have been several mobile games based off of the series. Recently, another game was released on iOS earlier this year. It covered the spin-off of the series called Fear The Walking Dead. AMC Networks has teamed up with publishers Versus Evil and game development studio Red Fly Studio, to create Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run. It is a tactical runner now available to download.